Bob Bell(non-registered)
I especially love your B&Ws and casual people shots. Keep shooting. ☺
Leslie Aitcheson(non-registered)
Outstanding work as ever Brian, what wonderful memories you must have. Thanks for the opportunity to see your talent. Leslie
Gay Liddell(non-registered)
Thanks Brian, Wonderful shots, always enjoy seeing your amazing work. Gay.
Love the individual shots
Lorraine Veroba(non-registered)
You have beautiful shots in these displays. What a talent! Thanks for sharing. Lorraine
Bob Bell(non-registered)
I love to see your work Brian. You have a 'good eye' as they say. I always find some shots in every set that are especially appealing to me.
Gay Liddell(non-registered)
Incredible vision and patience for the exact shot that sets the mood and tells a story, an instant of time and memory. Fabulous use of the technical aspects of the medium.
John Ronson(non-registered)
I love the tones - especially the harbor scenes.
Arlene Shiner(non-registered)
Stunning photographs in a wide range of subject matter.
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